P W Custom Fabrication

   • Scissor jacks  •  Storage Cabinets   •   Work platforms  •  Automotive Maintenance Accessories
                                 •  Fencing    •   Industrial Computer work stations 

    We Offer a wide range of material and finishes    •    Polished Stainless Steel   •  Aluminum    
                                          •  Carbon Steel  •  Powder Coating  •  Electroplated

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P W Custom Fabrication

Cambridge, Ontario

          Contact Jamie at  519.221.9958 (C)
Direct office line 519.650.6009     
     As a custom fabricator, 'normal' is producing a single unit or fifty units.   We can fabricate your raw material
 or start from scratch and source all raw materials for you.   We can make parts (CNC), cut, weld, assemble and
 finish to your specifications.
  • Polish stainless steel,
  • Electro plate,
  • Paint.
    Associated companies:                 
         for Filtration Services, new stainless steel pressure vessels  and stainless steel filters,
          baskets, elements, and/or repacks.  ( 6" to 60" )
                                                    Website link >>>  

Customers parts before polishing
 Stainless Steel with final polish
Associated companies: 

Pro-Tech Manufacturing Inc.
         for CNC precision machining contact:


At our new location........
        We have settled in and expanded  ......
               More room for your products and Raw materials!

Partially machined product
Customer supplied material below

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